Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day one- 146 lbs

today i went to, and found a handy (if somewhat off-putting) BMI Calculator.

I don't usually groove on things such as this, as i think i'm fairly healthy, and moderately well shaped. But i'd be lying if i said i love my shape 100%. So i'm going to give it a try, and make a go of getting back to the Normal category, rather than the Overweight category.

now. here's where i stand right now. right now i'm clocking in at 146. my goal is to be 135, but really, if i lose just five pounds i'll achieve my secondary goal of getting back to Normal.

So. here's my plan. on this site i'll keep a bit of an account. i find that that can be helpful to me- actually having some accountability somehow. i'm going to stop at the gym tomorrow to enroll, and see if i can find another soccer team to play on, preferably on wednesday nights. we'll see.

wish me lunch!

i mean luck!

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